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Histogram: Monochrome and RGB
RGB value: From left to right, 1/2 height
All EXIF Info. from ARW by exiftool
BitsPerSample: 14
ShutterSpeed: 1/200
Aperture: 6.3
DynamicRangeOptimizer: オフ
ISO: 100
WhiteBalance: 昼光
LightSource: 昼光
ColorTemperature: Auto
Flash: フラッシュ未発光、強制発光モード
LensID: Minolta/Sony AF 100mm F2.8 Macro (D)
FocalLength: 100.0 mm
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat: 100 mm
SceneMode: スタンダード
ColorMode: ディープ
PictureEffect: Off
ImageStabilization: オン
MultiFrameNoiseReduction: 切
LongExposureNoiseReduction: On (unused)
DateTimeOriginal: 2015:10:17 15:11:52
Model: SLT-A99V
Software: SLT-A99V v1.02
ImageCount: 68684